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Fresh Start: Student perspective of a Panther game day at Ames

By Grace Pankey, 01/22/19, 9:45AM CST


The Lakeville North Boys’ hockey team is off to a fresh start!

The stands are packed full of North fans cheering on the boys as they step onto the ice for the national anthem.

As the boys lined up on the face-off dot for their game to begin against the Eagan Wildcats, the band was playing Lakeville Norths theme song.

When asked what stood out the most at the game so far, Brent Cullaton said “I love the support of the youth players. I also think that Will Johnson made some great plays, as well as AJ Haider.

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Hvidsten

As the game went on, Eagan was moving the puck very quickly and scored the first goal with ten minutes left of the first period to put them in the lead.

“I like to see fast paced games because it challenges the boys to work as hard as they can,” said Buck Kochevar, the head coach of the girls 'varsity hockey team.

At the end of the first period students slapped the boards angrily because they were upset at the fact we were losing 0-2. In just the first period, four pucks had flown into the stands almost hitting fans.

Caleb Mayer (11) the goalie #29 was working super hard to try saving all shots that were coming from Eagan in our zone.

“I like watching the hockey boys because they skate really fast and have good puck movement so it inspires me to play harder,” said Emily Reed (11) a player on the Lakeville North Girls hockey team.

In the second period the Eagan Wildcats scored four goals making it 0-6 with just six minutes left in the period. In the third period the score remained the same leading to a Panthers loss 0-6.

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Hvidsten

Note:  Grace Pankey is a member of the Lakeville North hockey student Media volunteers. She is working with our website content team this season asa  guest writer.